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Guidance and Expectations

Guidance and Expectations for Remote Learning in Response to COVID-19
Dear Edison Students and Families,
Remote learning will be a new activity for many members of our community. I anticipate we will come across obstacles, and we will, at times, experience frustration with this new instructional practice. Please know that we are here to support you, and we are setting up a support system. We are in this together, and we must, more than ever, be there for each other so that we can continue to serve our students both academically and emotionally as this method of instruction is new to them as well. My only expectation of you all is that you don't give up and embrace failure. After all, Thomas A. Edison once said, "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."
We received a document from the NYC DOE entitled, "Guidance and Expectations for Remote Learning in Response to COVID-19." I have copied the section of the document that pertains to Student and Family Responsibilities below. We have listed some of the practices currently implemented to support Remote Learning. Along with the schoolwide expectations for our school community, underneath each bullet in blue, we listed the responsibilities our faculty worked on for the last couple of days. We have also agreed to make amendments based on the feedback we receive from our teachers, students, and families.
Please use the email, to provide feedback and or ask questions in regards to your experience with Remote Learning.
In communicating expectations, staff members must recognize the stress of the current situation and the needs of the students and families they serve, as they consider including the following points:
  • Students should complete instructional activities assigned by teachers within the expected timelines.
    • Teachers will be posting on Google Classroom the lesson of the day by 7:00 AM, and it is expected that students complete the instructional activities aligned to the lesson the following day by 11:59 PM. If students are experiencing difficulties with the completion of instructional activities, they must contact their teacher via Google Classroom and PupilPath.
  • Students should participate in check-ins, discussions, and other communication mechanisms as expected by the teacher.
    • Teachers will be communicating with students via Google Classroom in order to do check-ins and discussions. Teachers may select other communication mechanisms. If they do so, it will be communicated to students via Google Classroom.
  • Students should review teacher feedback and complete any follow-up activities as assigned by the teacher.
    • Teachers will be communicating to students how they will be providing feedback on the instructional activities.
  • Students and families should proactively notify their teacher or a school administrator with any concerns about progress or additional support needed.
    • Students and families should reach out to their teachers via Google Classroom and PupilPath with any questions, concerns about progress, or additional support needed. If the student and families are unsuccessful in reaching out to the teacher, the next step is to email Assistant Principal Adam Boxer, with any concerns about progress or additional support needed.
  • Families should support students in being successful by establishing routines and habits that support their success in remote learning.
    • We will be posting a weekly calendar of activities under the "Google Classroom" link. We ask that you, please review the weekly calendar and monitor your child’s progress to ensure they complete the instructional activities.
  • Families should ensure that students are adhering to their school’s contract for appropriate behavior on web-enabled devices.
    • Work submitted should be the student’s own work and reflect their own understanding.
    • Communication on Google Classroom should use school-appropriate language and follow grammar and spelling conventions.
    • Do not share passcodes or log-in information with anyone.
    • Be kind and professional; make a point to be kind and respectful with comments on discussion boards, emails, and all forms of communication. Tip: Read everything out loud before you send it.
    • Be aware of strong language, all caps, and exclamation points.
    • Ask for clarification about an activity or task by contacting the teacher.
  • Daily Attendance will be taken every day (Monday-Friday) via a Google Form. The Google Form will be sent to all students by email via PupilPath. We require that the Daily Attendance Google Form be completed between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM every day. The form will also include a series of questions to help further support our students during this transition.
  • Grading Categories for Remote Learning
    • Grading categories for CTE and Physical Education will remain the same.
    • Grading categories for all other courses will follow the criteria listed below.
Grading Criteria
Please email us at if you have any questions, concerns, and or feedback regarding Remote Learning at Edison.