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Remote Learning Schedule


On Monday, April 20th, we will be implementing a Remote Learning weekly plan where teachers will have office hours to provide live interaction/instruction. We will monitor the effectiveness of our new weekly plan, and amendments will be made based on feedback from teachers and our community.


Below, you will find the breakdown of the weekly plan. Students will have a designated time slot daily to engage in live interaction/instruction with their teachers. We have also adjusted the workload; students will be assigned no more than two tasks by each of their academic teachers weekly. The posting of the tasks and due dates for each day will also be included to assist in making sure our students do not feel overwhelmed. In order to develop time management skills, students should be mindful of these due dates and adhere to them to prevent the submission of late work. Students will use Wednesdays to catch up on work and to engage in Brain Power/Mindfulness sessions. We are open to further suggestions to support our students on Wednesdays, so please send your concerns and suggestion to


New RL Schedule


*Please note that physical education teachers will assign daily exercise routines to assist with the health and wellness of our students, but tasks will only be due on Tuesdays and Fridays. We believe that during these times, we need to help our students keep healthy physically, especially because of the additional mental and spiritual benefits.


Please email us at if you have any questions, concerns, and or feedback regarding Remote Learning at Edison.