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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Students,

Thomas A. Edison is a unique school that offers strong academic and career & technical education programs. We provide a real college and career ready institute. We currently offer 12 innovative C.T.E. programs, which is why we are one of the premier C.T.E. High Schools in New York City. All of our students are provided with the opportunity to obtain a state recognized industry certification in their CTE course of study as well as earn a high school diploma. Therefore, students graduating from our school leave with two diplomas; the High School Diploma validating their academic skills and the Endorsed C.T.E. Diploma validating their industry skills.  

I am proud to represent Thomas A. Edison C.T.E. High School as the first principal with a C.T.E. background. I am also an alumnus of this great school. I graduated from Thomas A. Edison C.T.E. High School in June of 1993 with a C.T.E. Endorsed Diploma in Information Technology. Upon graduating, I worked the Information Technology industry from 1993 to 1998. In February 1998, I earned my Technical Educational Occupational Certificate from the New York Institute of Technology and became a Computer Maintenance and Repair teacher at Thomas A. Edison C.T.E. High School. From 2008 to 2012, I served as the Assistant Principal of the C.T.E. department at Thomas A. Edison C.T.E. High School and revamped and developed new and innovative C.T.E. programs that were relevant to the current demands of the industry. In September 2012, I became the first alumnus to serve as Principal of Thomas A. Edison C.T.E. High School.

My alma mater provided me with an excellent education. It also helped me to become a devoted educational leader. I am truly honored to have been chosen as Thomas A. Edison C.T.E. High School’s Principal and I look forward to providing the same opportunities to your child if he or she should decide to attend our school.



Moses A. Ojeda

Principal - Class of 1993