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Graduation Requirements

Courses and Credits Needed to Graduate High School:


Students need to earn a minimum of 44 credits in the following academic areas in order to graduate high school.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) 12 - 14
English Language Arts 8
Mathematics 6
(of which 4 credits must be in a lab science)
Global History 4
American History 2
Foreign Language 2
Participation in Government 1
Art 1
Economics 1
Health 1
Music 1
Physical Education
(7 Terms must be successfully completed .58)
*Sequence – 12/14 Credits

A sequence is a concentration in a specific subject, usually your major career choice. These credits are included in the requirements listed above for a minimum total of 44 credits.


Students are required to remain in their CTE sequence through 12th grade regardless of graduation credit accumulation.


In addition to passing the academic course work and earning a minimum of 44 credits, students must also pass a minimum of 5 Regents Exams.