English/ESL Email: 
Ms. Minogue 
Assistant Principal
[email protected] 
Adomaitis, Mark [email protected]
Altshuler, Brett [email protected] 
Arevalo, Denise [email protected] 
Ciccotelli, Andrea [email protected] 
Doerr, Stacy [email protected] 
Fallon, James [email protected] 
Fischedick, Jason [email protected] 
Fitzgerald, Noreen
[email protected] 
Lagmay, Patrick
[email protected] 
Lavin, Nancy
[email protected]  
Singh, Andrea
[email protected] 
Smith, Rebecca
[email protected] 


Library Email:
Nira Psaltos [email protected]
William Veyvoda [email protected]
Math Email:
Ms. Conway
Assistant Principal
[email protected] 
Adames, Irene
Babayeva, Larissa LB[email protected] 
Cinque, Nicole NC[email protected] 
Dookeram, Richard RD[email protected] 
Haraj, Layla [email protected] 
Ignall, Jeffrey
Lee, Douglas DL[email protected] 
Patten, Emily
EP[email protected] 
Shadock, Daniel
DS[email protected] 
Wastell, Laura
LW[email protected] 
Yanez, Jeffrey
[email protected] 
Science Email: 
Ms. Triola 
Assistant Principal
LT[email protected] 
Ambrosini, Danielle
Elhawary, Mohammed
Ferreira, Andrew AF[email protected] 
Hansen, Raimo RH[email protected] 
Jordan, Michael MJ[email protected] 
Lall, Pooran PL[email protected] 
Lawrence, Kathleen KL[email protected] 
Lee, Sandra SL[email protected] 
Lucks, Charlotte  CL[email protected] 
Marsh, Nicki NM[email protected] 
Martino, Kim KM[email protected]
Social Studies Email: 
Mr. Cremeans 
Assistant Principal
CC[email protected]
Anderson, Eric EA[email protected] 
Baker, Maria MB[email protected] 
Baker, Phillip PB[email protected] 
Baker, Stacy SB[email protected] 
Dellabonta, Erica ED[email protected] 
Fischer, David [email protected] 
Gallo, Allison AG[email protected] 
Heavey, Adam [email protected] 
Petroutsos, Mercy MP[email protected] 
Pirozzi, Susie [email protected] 
Sanseverino, Michael [email protected] 
Velazquez, Jessica [email protected]
CTE  Email: 
Mr. Haripersaud 
Assistant Principal of CTE
[email protected] 
Akner, Jeffrey [email protected] 
Almonte, Leah [email protected] 
Castillo, Luis  LC[email protected] 
Cooper, Anthony AC[email protected] 
Cruz, Sandra SC[email protected] 
Dilrukshi, Dilangani DD[email protected] 
Jafar, Praya [email protected] 
Kalloo, Jesse JK[email protected] 
Loveras, Evelyn [email protected] 
Morisette, Donald DM[email protected] 
Mullings, Shapell SMulli[email protected] 
Perez, Elvyn [email protected] 
Roopnarine, Barry [email protected] 
Savitzky, Margaret [email protected] 
Schnier, Michael [email protected] 
Sharma, Pamela [email protected] 
Sierra, Miguel [email protected] 
Zainule, Safraz [email protected] 
Art/Music Email: 
Ms. Scolavino 
Assistant Principal
[email protected] 
Bolender, Amy [email protected] 
Molina, Cynthia [email protected]  
Roginski, Paul [email protected]
Foreign Language Email: 
Mr. Cremeans 
Assistant Principal
CC[email protected] 
Cruz, Nidia [email protected] 
Fardan, Samia SF[email protected] 
Then, Josui [email protected] 
Health and Physical Education Email: 
Mr. D' Elia 
Assistant Principal
[email protected]
Craan, Eli [email protected] 
Favilla, Frank
Holt, Christopher [email protected] 
Loscalzo, Nicole [email protected] 
McKenny, Lawrence [email protected] 
Mueller, Kenneth [email protected] 
Peruffo, Kristin [email protected]
Ulmer, John 
ISS Department Email: 
Ms. Scolavino 
Assistant Principal
[email protected] 
Asar, Amena
Bellomo, Nicole [email protected] 
Benaim, Lauren
Capobianco, Michael [email protected] 
Casella, Maria
Cavaluzzi, Anna [email protected] 
Doscher, Lynn [email protected] 
Elhabal, Gigi [email protected] 
Figueroa, Maria [email protected]
Forster, Jessica [email protected] 
Hewitt, Daveesha [email protected] 
Huether, Sara [email protected] 
Ivory, Yvette [email protected] 
Ollivierre, Walter [email protected] 
Petroutsos, Ismene
Ragavanis, Danielle [email protected] 
Ramos, Alondra [email protected] 
Smith, Toby [email protected] 
Sultana, Kennth [email protected] 
Thandi, Preetika [email protected] 
Valverde-Debartolo, Bryana [email protected]
Van Ryzkin, Stephanie SV[email protected]