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Student Event Policies

Any students wishing to attend school trips or school events must have a clean disciplinary record, excellent attendance and cannot be failing any more than 1 class per marking period or by the time progress reports per marking period are released. Students are REQUIRED to have an Edison ID to attend any and all school-related events. If you are missing or have lost your ID, please report to the deans' office in room G41 to obtain a new one.
Students are not permitted to bring bags to after school events. If students are not able to drop bags home in time for the event, please be advised that there will be a "bag/coat" check for students to drop off these items before the event begins. If students do not drop off these items, they are not permitted to enter the event.
Masks that cover a students' head, inflatable costumes, fake/toy weapons or props are not permitted to any school event or activity. Students that arrive at school with these items will have them confiscated and may face disciplinary action.
Events that require a ticket must be purchased in advance with a student ID. Tickets are not sold at the door for student events. Students are not permitted to enter the building after the "doors close" time, and will not receive a refund for not attending events during the time frame.
PSAL Athletics teams have their own specific requirements for participation in school sports. In addition, attending Edison sports matches or games as a fan have their own specific policies. Please see the Athletic Director, Mr. Favilla, for more information.