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Instructional Support Services

Ms. Andrea Scolavino, Assistant Principal 

The Instructional Support Services Department at Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical High School offer students with Individualized Education Plan the following programs: Integrated Co-teaching and Self Contained 15:1 class. Our Self- Contained special education classes have a student/staff ratio of 15:1 and are available in all of the major academic subject areas. Self- Contained classes follow the same curriculum as the general education classes and are geared to address the individual needs of the student thus ensuring academic success. Diploma bound self-contained students to participate in alongside their non- disabled peers in our Career and Technical Education Programs as well as in the arts.

Thomas Edison High School is proud to announce that the ISS Department has started an Urban Farming course of study in which students receive hands-on instruction in aquaponics and hydroponic growing systems.

We also offer an ACES (ACADEMIC, CAREER, AND ESSENTIAL SKILLS), which is a non-diploma bound program for students who the criteria for either Intellectual Disability or Multiple Disabilities. Those qualifying students will receive their academic classes in a small structured setting. Also, these students will spend two periods a day in our model apartment where they will develop independent living skills. Additionally, students will learn job skills and culinary skills by running the Edison Café.

Thomas Edison High School also offers students the following related services:

  1. Counseling
  2. Speech and language therapy
  3. Physical Therapy
  4. Hearing and Vision Services