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Cell Phone Policy


Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical Education H.S.
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Moses Ojeda, Principal
Adam H. Boxer,
Assistant Principal Administration & Instruction

Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical High School Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy

Dear Parents/Guardians:
Effective, March 2nd, 2015 Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical Education High School will be following the new Chancellor’s Regulation A-413 which states that students may carry cell phones, laptops, tablets, IPads and other similar devices, portable music and entertainment systems, Ipods, MP3 players, PSP and Nintendo DS devices to school.
As part of that new regulation, schools must create their own school based policy regarding cell phone/electronic devices inside their own buildings.
The Thomas A. Edison CTE High School based policy is:
While inside the school building, ALL cell phones/electronic devices MUST be turned off and properly secured out of site (including head phone wires) and may not be used inside the building without prior authorization from the teacher and their supervisor. This includes PM school and Saturday tutoring.
The following rooms have been made available for students who would like to make parental contact via their electronic devices with permission:
Rooms: 103, 118, 136, 138, G17, 234, 319
  • Students may NOT use or HAVE THEIR DEVICE SEEN OR HEARD in the hallways, cafeterias, staircases, bathrooms or locker rooms for any purposes.
  • All of the above devices may not be turned on or used during the administration of any quiz, test or examination. During a New York State Regents Exam, we follow New York State Education Department guidelines, except where an IPE or 504 allows.
  • No cell phones or devices may be used during any Fire drills or emergency drills.
  • No cell phones or devices may be used in the locker rooms or bathrooms.
Students who use cell phones or any other electronic devices (without approval) are subject to confiscation and/or gradual discipline in accordance with the guidance interventions and disciplinary responses set in the Discipline Code.
If an item is confiscated: 
  • Students will receive a receipt and a duplicate will go into their Disciplinary File.
  • For student’s first confiscation, parents or legal guardians, with a receipt may pick up the device on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 10am – 1pm or request a Saturday morning pickup during tutoring from 10am – 11am.
  • For any additional confiscations, dates and times will be provided at a later time for picking up devices.
  • Devices will not be given back on the day they are confiscated.
*The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen cell phones or electronic devices.
*Parents/Guardian who need to contact their children during the school day must call the main school number at 718-297-6580.
If you have any questions or concerns or require clarification regarding our school policy, do not hesitate to email Mr. Adam Boxer, Assistant Principal at [email protected] or call 718-297-6580 Ext.1365.