PSAL Sports

The mission of the Public Schools Athletic League is to provide opportunities for educating students in physical fitness, character development, and socialization skills through an athletic program that fosters teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.

Edison Teams 
At Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School, we host a vast number of teams, with the opportunity to join, open to all. Being in an athletic team requires numerous hours of sacrifice, a strong sense of sportsmanship, and a strong academic record. The full list of Edison teams can be found below.

 Team  Coach  Season  Meeting Location(s)
 Boys Varsity Bowling  C. Brosnan  Fall  Jib Lanes
 Girls Varsity Bowling  V. Garelick  Fall  Jib Lanes
 Boys Cross Country  M. D'Elia  Fall   Gym/Room 153 
 Girls Cross Country  M. D'Elia  Fall  Gym/Room 153
 Boys Varsity Soccer  C. Zogopoulos  Fall   Soccer Field 
 Girls Varsity Soccer  F. DeNunzio  Fall    Gym/Room 153 
 Boys Varsity Volleyball  N. Loscalzo  Fall  Gym/Room G22/Cafeteria
 Girls Varsity Volleyball  R. Ferri   Fall   Gym/Room 153 
 Boys Varsity Basketball  A. Gega  Winter   Auditorium/Gym
 Girls Varsity Basketball  J. Butera  Winter   Gym 
 Boys JV Basketball  C. Gervais  Winter  Auditorium/Gym 
 Boys Varsity Wrestling  L. Castillo  Winter    Auditorium 
 M. D'Elia  Winter/Spring  Gym/Room 153 
 Boys Outdoor Track  M. D'Elia  Winter/Spring  Gym/Room 153
 Girls Indoor Track  C. Zogopoulos  Winter/Spring  Gym/Room 153
 Girls Outdoor Track  C. Zogopoulos   Winter/Spring   Gym/Room 153 
 Boys Varsity Baseball  V. Garelick   Spring    Gym/Room 153 
 Girls Varsity Softball   J. Fallon   Spring  Gym/Room 153
 Co-ed Varsity Cricket  J. Mohabir   Spring   Gym/Room 153 
 Boys Varsity Handball  C. Brosnan   Spring    Handball Courts  
 Boys Varsity Tennis  F. Riddell  Spring   Room 214B