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Parent Coordinator

Parent Coordinator Mariela Chevry

It's been a long time since Edison has had a Parent Coordinator. Finally, we have found the right fit for our school.


Since 2018, Mariela Chevry has been a Parent Coordinator (often shortened to PC) within the NYC Department of Education. Before joining our school community at Edison, Mariela worked with families at an elementary school. In her time as PC, she has learned the value of committing to families by constantly keeping the lines of communication open. With that being said, she encourages families to call her, email her, and come to speak to her if they have any questions, concerns, or help.


Having been born, raised, and still living in Jamaica, Queens, she understands the heartbeat of the community she serves. As a Thomas A. Edison CTE High School graduate, she understands the significance of a strong college and career readiness foundation. She is excited to serve her community and thrilled to work alongside the Edison students, families, administration, teachers, and staff.


Together, we will accomplish spectacular things!





Email: [email protected]

Phone#: (718) 297-6580 Ext. 1471

*Please include your child's First Name, Last Name, and OSIS# within the mail.